Tue, March 17, 2020

I Finally Have Time to Write

Well, this is the first post of my blog. It's taken several attempts for me to come to terms with owning a site and writing my own thoughts down. Like many people I'm sure, who have a fear of publishing content; imposter syndrome soon sets in when my thoughts materialise into words. Amongst how to say and what to say, I've always wanted to present it properly and to be able to sustain it.

I've created many sites in the past, both professional and personal ones. Personal ones have tended to be difficult to keep up with, as technologies change and hosting providers can be a pain to manage. Also with the advent of JAMstack applications being prominent, I wanted to find a way to build a site which could be easily managed but also run off all the goodness which comes with a frontend framework like React, Vue, Svelte or Marko. In the end, I've found a good balance between using Now and Sanity, these two services mean I can manage my content and publish it easily regardless of what framework I use for the frontend.

Now I in combination with a new framework for managing my site responsively and the extra time I find on my hands due to the effects of COVID-19 having on the world and the economy; I'm excited to start writing down my thoughts more.