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Corporate Account Onboarding Can Be Fun

GC Partners

GC Partners helps firms with different aspects of transferring money. I helped them redesign their onboarding process for corporate clients when opening a new account.

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Migrating From Sketch to Figma


Migrating from one tool to another is not just about copying and pasting but also about maximising output. I helped Refinitiv plan and execute their move to Figma while taking advantage of Figma's powerful Plugin API.

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Import and Export Licensing

Dept for International Trade

The digital transformation of the Internal Case Management System for civil servants which helps them process export licence applications for individuals and medium to large sized businesses.

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Conceptualising a New Rental Service


Renting is a process that many people will experience in their lifetime and it can be a stressful and overwhelming process. I was asked to collaborate with a small startup to help them conceptualise a new and intuitive rental service.

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Getting From A to B

Caution Your Blast

Commuter is an iPhone app that lets you plan your journey using public transport without sharing any user data with third parties. CYB wanted me to help them demonstrate how their existing iPhone app might work on Android so they may approach interested investors.

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Stuck Between a Phone and a Desktop

John Lewis

Finding your identity as an iPad app is difficult. For John Lewis, this meant being somewhere between your popular iPhone app, and your trusty, fully-featured desktop site. We set out to understand how our customers were using the iPad app and to give it a purpose.

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