Migrating From Sketch to Figma

Migrating from one tool to another is not just about copying and pasting but also about maximising output. I helped Refinitiv plan and execute their move to Figma while taking advantage of Figma's powerful Plugin API.


To migrate Refinitiv's Mobile Design System from Sketch to Figma while maintaining the same ways of working that exist between designers and developers.


Assess the level of effort, complexity and risk involved for migrating, as well as develop strategies and solutions to improve efficiency and mitigate risk.


3 months

A plugin to speed up migration

One of the most challenging aspects of migrating the design system from Sketch to Figma was the time involved in completing repetitive tasks, such as creating versions of components for both dark and light themes. I saw an opportunity to not only speed up the process of creating these assets, but also improve the workflow of the designers on the team by creating a plugin that would automate this. The plugin allowed designs to switch any selection from dark to light themes and vice versa. The designs for these themes could then be managed from the Design System library.