Getting From A to B

Commuter is an iPhone app that lets you plan your journey using public transport without sharing any user data with third parties. CYB wanted me to help them demonstrate how their existing iPhone app might work on Android so they may approach interested investors.


Understand the complexities and opportunities of how the app will work for Android.

My Role

Provide consultation on the best approach for demoing interaction. Deliver a clickable prototype with finished visual designs. Document thought process so knowledge could be shared.


I was given an invite to a current dev build of the existing iPhone application and started by exploring the app and the different journeys, taking screenshots as I went.

I sketched the different screens thinking about the different stages of the user’s journey. As I went, I wrote down questions that came to mind as a result of wondering how to user might cope with the user interface on Android.

Knowing that the user journey would largely be the same I was able to estimate for my time with a rough guide. This allowed us to agree a budget to work towards for creating a prototype for the purpose of demonstrating the application to investors.

Flow diagram of existing journey
Sketches showing the core routes of the journey for the prototype. It also shows thoughts about how what interface elements should appear and how.


I completed a fidelity prototype within the timeframe we agreed, updating the client on my progress so they could manage expectations with their team and investors. Given more time I would liked to have seen changes being made to both the Android version of the app and the iPhone app for a more consistent and universal experience across both devices.

Flow diagram of existing journey
The final designs for the prototype